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Suggestions for People Using this Database:

What if an email address in the database does not work?

If an email address here does not work, but if you have a name, try contacting people via Facebook. Put the name into the Facebook "Search" field. Also, try googling the email address for any leads.

My mother has not found me. Maybe she has not searched at all. Why should I search for her?

Even if your mother has not searched, this does not mean she does not want a reunion. Sometimes illegal acts of fraud or abduction were committed against mothers when they gave birth, making it difficult or impossible for a mother to search for her child. These acts include:

    • Mothers told that their babies had died at birth, including being made to sign a death certificate with the baby then going for adoption without the mother's knowledge (fraud).
    • Mothers kept drugged for several days (medical assault) to prevent them from knowing which day their child was actually born on.
    • Nurses refusing to let mothers see or hold their babies (abduction under the Criminal Code) and refusing to tell a mother whether she had a boy or a girl.
    • Hospitals refusing to tell the mother if she had a boy or a girl, or intentionally telling her wrong information. (Many hospitals illegally abducted babies by taking them at birth and refusing to let mothers even see or hold them.)

    In addition to this, your mother may have no idea of what your adoptive name is. When an adoption is finalized in court, a new falsified birth record is created and issues, stating that the adoptive parents gave birth to the child and stating the child's new adoptive name. Your natural mother will not be able to obtain this information, other than in "open records provinces," after you turn 19, AND if you or your adoptive parents have not filed a disclosure veto. Even in this situation, she may not know she can request this information.

I don't know the exact birthdate of the adoptee. What should I do?

Sometimes all that is known by the searcher is the approximate date (Example: "my sister was born around 1948") or only know months or years (Example: "My grandchild was born in August 1962"). If people sent in this information, the average of the highest and lowest values was entered into the database. So, please search approximate dates and names as well. Please also note that amended birth records of adoptees sometimes recorded a different birthdate, as "chosen" by the adoptive parents.

My province has closed records. What can I do about it?

If you live in a "closed records" province such as Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Quebec, please consider writing to your MLA in support of open records legislation similar to legislation in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Newfoundland.

Common Abbreviations:

  • CAS = Children's Aid Society
  • CCAS = Catholic Children's Aid Society
  • F&CS = Family and Children's Services
  • ISO = "In search of"
  • DOB = date of birth
  • DOD = date of death
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